Head of Department – Ms Tibuyile Dlamini

AMICAALL is acronym to Alliance of Mayors Initiative for Community Action on AIDS at the Local level. The initiative works in a private- public partnership with Local Governments countrywide.

The main objective at AMICAALL is prevention of illness, promotion of health and well-being of the people living in Ezulwini as well as development of health attitudes and healthy behaviors. The municipality of Ezulwini is applauded for provision of resources to ensure that the services reach the communities for the elongation of lives.

“AMICAALL prevents the spread of illnesses and other sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, promotes health and well-being of the people living in Ezulwini as well as develop health attitudes and healthy behaviors. Ezulwini Municipality is applauded for provision of resources to ensure that the services reach the communities for the elongation of lives.” – Ms Tibuyile Dlamini

The Back to School Campaign

The Municipality of Ezulwini collaborates with local businesses in a project that seeks to help and support children who are orphaned and vulnerable by donating funds to cater for school fees and other basic needs. The sponsorship does not only cover school fees but uniform, books and other necessities. Some companies offer to fund the children’s education until

Key roles and functions

Implementation of Community Health Programs

The AMICAALL office throughout the year implements and monitors community programs which include Home- Based Care, HIV Prevention including Mother To child HIV Transmission and Child Protection. Implementation and monitoring is done through the help of 15 Program Volunteers who get involved in door to door visitations. The Municipality appreciates volunteers annually for their contribution in monitoring programs and producing quality reports on a monthly basis. The volunteers are involved in the production of soap and petroleum Jelly as part of their Gucula Simo Project activities implemented to generate income for their families.

Community Based Condom Distribution

The municipality of Ezulwini uses effective community based condom distribution where 27 outlets in the town are serviced monthly by the Youth Mentor. Condoms distributed in the 2017/2018 financial year are illustrated in the diagram . The two diagrams illustrate the difference in the uptake of female and male condoms and the female condom uptake seems to be lower when compared with the male condom.

Commemoration of Special Days, Youth Programs and Staff Wellness

Each year, AMICAALL mobilizes residents to participate in commemoration of different special days. The Municipality delivered “LOVE BASKETS” on Valentine’s Day. These surprise baskets contained a variety of treats and promise cards used for sending HIV Prevention messages to partners. Ten (10) couples were reached during deliveries. 

AMICAALL also mobilizes the youth through a series of sports and recreational activities such as tennis, soccer training, health clubs, schools debate and educational dialogues. Idleness amongst the factor that results in children using the time in their hands to engage in illicit behavior therefore engaging them in activities occupies their time.

Ezulwini Municipality participated in the 2016 Swaziland Inter-Municipal Games (ESIGA) 2016 and Southern African Inter-Municipal Sports Association competitions which were held in Maseru, Lesotho. All Employees of the Municipality are encouraged to participate in sporting activities for health and fitness.

The Breast and Cervical Cancer Network

There were also health days that were conducted as part of wellness ad hoc activities that are implemented with guidance of the Ezulwini Municipality Wellness Policy. All staff got the opportunity to test for HIV and Non Communicable Diseases with the help of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Unit. Amongst other wellness activities Ezulwini Municipality supports people suffering from breast and cervical cancer through Swaziland Breast and Cervical Cancer Network (SBCCN).

Support for Social Centres and Care-workers

The Municipality supports 6 Early Childhood, Care and Development Centres that provide at least one meal per day and informal pre- school education to children aged 3-6 years. Successful graduation ceremonies for the children were held in November to December in each of the centres. The centers play a huge role in preparing children for primary school education.

The Municipality also supports AMICAALL volunteers who do care work in the Ezulwini community. A soap moulder was procured to enable Volunteers to engage in an income generation project which is still at initiation stage. The volunteers have ventured into production of green bar soap, petroleum jelly and floor polish as part of the business activities of Gucula Simo Project which is also part of local economic development. The objective was to enable the volunteers to generate income for their families in recognition of their effort and determination in volunteer services rendered.

Gender Main-streaming

Ezulwini Municipality participated in Gender Summit 2017 and was represented by the Municipal AIDS Program Manager and two AMICAALL Volunteers who competed in the Institutional Centre of Excellence, Best Project Practice and Driver of Change categories. The Summit was held in Capricorn District Municipality in Polokwane and awards were received in Driver of Change and Institutional Centre of Excellence categories. Below is the 2017 Driver of Change Mrs. Fikile Dlamini Moura.

The Alliance of Mayors Initiative for Community Action on Aids at the Local Level (AMICAALL) is a unit primarily to respond to the HIV/AIDS agenda. Its mandate is to build the capacity of urban communities and assist the local government to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic through facilitating prevention and impact mitigation (treatment, care and support) programs, and by making continuous improvements in response management. These interventions are implemented through a series of programs which are linked to the community needs. The programs are targeted at the community as a whole and is achieved through community dialogues on issues across the spectrum. AMICAALL advocates for multi-sectoral community involvement and action on local issues, and promote social and behavior change by informing and educating our key target groups through creative events and activities.

AMICAALL Department Officials