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Luxury & Shopping

Ezulwini Town is bound by the Lusushwana River, south of its boundary. This marks the south entrance to the town where the Galleria and the Gables shopping centers welcome visitors into the town. These centers are host to a number of eatery including Mugg’n Bean, Nando’s, Spur and KFC. Happy Valley hotel and Casino offers an exquisite experience of relaxation with Game and Gambling

Towards the north of the Town is the Corner Plaza and the Crescent Shopping centers respectively. Spar and Pick’n Pay are a great way to pick your essentials when you are heading home. If, however you are just looking to relax and grab lunch, there’s the Pizza Inn and Galito’s restaurants at the Corner Plaza.

The Gables Shopping Centre

Hotels and Lodges

Being a tourist hub, Ezulwini has a vast number of hotels and guest lounges for tourists from all over the world and the local community. Happy Valley hotel and casino has an outstanding gaming platform for authorized gambling and is located south of the town. Sibane at the respecting end of the town has free WiFi for their customers. Other luxury resorts include: 

Royal Swazi Spa

Arts and Craft

Handicraft markets situated in the Mpumalanga Loop Rd and Corner MR103 Rd respectively are a great way to invest for small businesses. For tourists and the public, products that depict the true culture of Emaswati are sold at these markets. Products include:

  • chicken coops
  • artistic couture 
  • Imicwembe
Handicraft Market

Culture & Heritage

Mantenga is an easily accessible nature reserve including middleveld woodlands and highveld mountains, set along the Usushwana River. The camp is set in woodlands, offering cultural heritage education and experience with Mantenga Falls being a highlight. It is ideal for groups, families, the outdoor adventure market, and nature lovers. It offers great birding, and is easily accessed from the tourist hub of Ezulwini Valley. 

Mantenga Cultural Village is the only tourist facility in Swaziland with its own fully-fledged permanent troupe. There are two performances each day, at 11:30 and at 15:15. The group can also be booked for private and additional performances.

Mantenga Falls