Town programs and initiatives

Ezulwini municipality collaborates with different stakeholders to make possible a number of programs and initiatives for the community of Ezulwini. A greater portion of these programs is facilitated by the AMICAALL office, together with the Public Health and Environment Department and are approved by the Town Clerk’s Office. Take a tour at some of the recent initiatives.

Condom and Information, Education and Communication (IEC)

AMICAALL distributes male and female condoms weekly in areas around Ezulwini Municipality. The purpose of this initiatives is ensure effective prevention of HIV acquisition and transmission. Male and Female condoms distributed in December and January 2020 reached a total of 63655 for male and 415 for females. The condoms were distributed weekly to 30 condom outlets as illustrated in the diagrams below. This program has been a success since inception, until it was disturbed by the outbreak of Corona virus.

Community wellness

Community wellness programs include municipal staff wellness, civic education on community issues like the Corona virus, Gender mainstreaming, schools health club and the Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV and other infections. 

Due to corona virus, a gender summit which was scheduled to take place on 02-03rd April 2020 was postponed to 07-08 May 2020. Ezulwini Municipality will be participating in the summit in the Sexual and Reproductive Health, Economic Justice, and Centres of Excellence categories.  In addition, a session on menstrual health was conducted with learners from Ezulwini Catholic Primary School on Wednesday, 11th March 2020. The participants were taught on how to practice good hygiene during their menstrual periods.

Impact mitigation

This programme encompasses initiatives including the Social Centres Early Childhood Development (ECD) Program, Home Based Care and Child Protections. It is under these initiatives that the social centres in Nyonyane, Bhelinah, Somnjalose and Mnvutjini have recieved food from the World Food Programme. Impact mitigation also seeks to protect children from rape and other forms of abuse and the home based care initiative spot checks local area and household to identify the situations and living condition of occupants in those households.

Commemoration of Special Days

Each year the AMICAALL Office mobilizes residents to participate in commemoration of different special days. The Municipality delivered “LOVE BASKETS” on Valentine’s Day. These surprise baskets contained a variety of treats and promise cards used for sending HIV Prevention messages to partners.10 couples were reached during deliveries.